Isn’t winter being beautiful ~

The days are gorgeously sunny and the birds are singing. However, shorter sunlight hours and cooler temperatures can make it tempting to hibernate a little too much in the evenings….

Things we sometimes forget to do in winter:


Well, we might move from the house to the car, to the office and back – but it can then be so tempting to stay out of the cold and cuddled up cosy indoors. Winter is naturally a time for slowing down, but we also need to move and stretch to keep our bodies and minds healthy and happy. Yoga can give a sense of nurturing and comfort whilst also providing a balanced ‘workout’, to maintain stamina and fitness – for all that lies ahead!


So, you obviously Do breathe in order to stay alive; but often if we are sitting, thinking, or less active, our breathing becomes shallower. Breath work in Yoga helps to optimise our breathing, reducing tension build up around the rib cage (including in the back – a common area of tension) and reminds you to breathe more fully throughout the day. More Oxygen intake = Refreshment of body, mind and brain.


If we’re cold, our natural tendency is to tighten up. However, this restricts rather than encourages blood flow to the areas that are cold; meaning that essentially they get colder. Tension also makes our mind feel there’s a problem, so it will focus on the cold and we’ll notice it more. Letting go through Yoga stretching and relaxation can improve blood flow and our bodies natural ability to adjust and deal with changes in temperature; so we’ll naturally feel warmer.

Feel Joy…

We often speak of the ‘Joys of Spring’…but why wait?! The balancing of Body, Mind and Being¬† that is a natural side effect of Yoga can bring a deep sense of Joy – which is then easier to establish in daily life….Whatever the weather.

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